*We don't offer French as a Second Language. Our French Literacy courses are designed for French speaking people of for those who are not French but are fluent in French.

Annual Report

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Our Services

We offer French literacy services as well as classes in reading and writing in French to Francophone adults who want to improve their knowledge of 

  • Reading and replying to letters in French

  • Comprehending French grammar

  • Maintaining a job that requires a strong understanding of French

  • Translation Services

Our Mission

Mission Statement

Our mission is to offer to francophone learners in the Niagara Region an opportunity to develop a personal training plan, set goals and acquire sufficient knowledge to pursue further education.  The ultimate goal is to facilitate their integration into the labour market thus improving their quality of life. 



Provide services for adult learners which will help them in acquiring and improving their reading, writing, math, and employability or computer skills in group settings or on an individual basis.

Organize activities which promote independence and social integration

Work in partnership with other community based employment and education services. 

Create community awareness which aims at bringing to the forefront the problems and costs related to illiteracy and keeping this crisis in the public eye.

L’ABC Communautaire est un centre d’éducation francophone pour les adultes du Niagara.

-Cours pour adultes francophones

-Cours en ligne

-Cours d'informatique


50, rue Dorothy

Welland (Ontario)

L3B 3V7